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Great news for 2016 – all because of you

Thank you for bringing hope, help, and justice to those in need.

Once again, you did something simply amazing.

And you did it for people whom you will probably never meet.  That is truly remarkable.  Thank you.

You see, your continued support for OneJustice will bring life-changing legal help to people in need.  Veterans who are struggling – right now – to access medical care and employment. Women who are – at this very moment – experiencing horrific abuse.   Teenagers who – as you read this – are living in fear of deportation because they cannot apply for the federal immigration relief they deserve.

Thousands of Californians are suffering – right now – from solvable legal problems.

And because of you – help is on the way.

Veterans will get jobs and medical treatment. Women will escape abusive relationships.  Young adults will get immigration relief, driver’s licenses, and jobs.

You will transform their lives in 2016.  So, here at OneJustice, we think you are pretty amazing.

I am so inspired and moved by your steadfast support that I made a short video to try to express how very grateful I am – we all are – for your generous support.  I hope it conveys how much your donation means to me, to the OneJustice Board and staff, and most of all, to the people whose suffering will end this year – because of you.

Thank you.  Thank you for bringing hope, help, and justice to those in need.



2016 Thank You Video from OneJustice on Vimeo.


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