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Bring life-changing legal help to Californians in need.


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Justice denied leads to devastating results.  Eviction.  Unsafe housing.  Dangerous work conditions.  Domestic violence.  Elder abuse.  Predatory lending. Inadequate health care.  Not enough to eat.  Millions of people in California face injustice every day.

OneJustice is the critical link between life-saving affordable legal services and people in need. Our state’s most vulnerable poor, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, limited English-speakers, women, single-parent families and at-risk children face significant barriers to justice.  Without proper representation and advocacy they endure innumerable assaults and affronts to dignity.

Needless suffering from solvable legal problems should not be an option. With resources stretched thin statewide, we provide critical skills, training, resources and support to 100+ nonprofit legal organizations, law schools, law firms and businesses and thousands of lawyers and law students to help them stretch capacity to assist the up to 8 million at-risk low-income people to resolve pressing legal problems. Our programs strengthen the emergency safety net to meet an ever-growing need in our community.

Our mission is to resolve legal problems by removing barriers to justice.

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