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Dining out for Justice has never been so tasty!

This month, you can support OneJustice by dining at Credo Restaurant in downtown San Francisco.

Signature Cocktail_New Amsterdam

Credo’s Signature Cocktail: New Amsterdam Premium Gin, Fresh Squeezed Lime juice, and Ginger Ale

Each year, Credo restaurant (and long time supporter of OneJustice) seeks to reinvest in their community through direct action, charitable giving, and long-term partnerships with organizations whose goals and aspirations they share. Through their “Credo Community Partners” program, Credo reaches out to organizations they believe in that have matched the strength of their convictions with energy and action and highlights a specific issue that they care about. This July, they chose OneJustice as the beneficiary of this terrific program!

This means that every day in July, $2 of each signature cocktail (New Amsterdam Premium Gin, Fresh Squeezed Lime juice, and Ginger Ale) and signature appetizer (Fava Bean Crostini with Parmesan Cheese and Tuscan Oil) will be donated to OneJustice.

And as a part of this partnership, OneJustice will have a special “Take Over Night” on Thursday, July 16th, in which 20% of all sales during dinner service will be donated to us. 

So take advantage of this absolute permission to indulge – and feel good doing it! Come join us for food and drinks while supporting a great cause!

Hope to see you there!


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