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One Day. One Hundred Veterans.


Did you know that there are over 125,000 veterans in California living in poverty – and too many face pressing legal problems?   In rural areas, some veterans live hundreds of miles from the closest legal aid nonprofit that can help – and for some, there is simply no help at all.  It breaks our hearts.

Tomorrow you will have a chance to change this – and bring help to rural veterans!

On December 2nd, we are striving to raise $25,000 in 24 hours to reach 100 rural veterans.

That’s right.  One day.  One hundred veterans.The Justice Bus reaches veterans in isolated communities.

You can bring help to veterans in need!  It takes just $250 to bring free legal help to a veteran at a rural legal clinic – right in their hometown.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday – a special day for folks to give back to causes they believe in.  It’s like Black Friday or Cyber Monday – only better!  We are dedicating our Giving Tuesday to a cause that we believe in with all of our hearts – bringing life-changing legal help to rural veterans.

We hope you will join us by donating online tomorrow to this special one-day campaign.  For every $250 raised, we pledge to serve another veteran suffering needlessly from a solvable legal problem.

Your kind gift will bring teams of volunteers to set up free legal clinics for veterans in rural and isolated communities.

Please join the rest of the OneJustice network today by making a tax deductible donation tomorrow. Every gift, of any size, makes all the difference for veterans in need.

Thank you so much!

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