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Chick and Poppy on Veterans Day. Whom will you honor?

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I give in honor of Chick and Poppy.  Whom will you honor on Tuesday?

Every Veteran’s Day, I give thanks for two very special men in my life:  Charles (Chick) Henson II and Walter Willard Travis (Poppy). 

You see, both of my grandfathers fought in World War II. 

I actually never met “Chick,” as he died from ALS long before I was born, but his passion for learning and fierce dedication to family have been passed on.  And I adored my “Poppy” with his deep love of nature, literature, and all of us grandkids.

I’m super proud of their service to our country – and the sacrifices that my grandmothers made to support them.

Every year on Veterans’s Day, I am proud to make a personal contribution, in their honor, to OneJustice’s Veterans Legal Aid Fund.  I love it that their names are on OneJustice’s Wall of Honor as a result.

And every time I hear about a veteran who receives free legal help because of the Justice Bus Project, it makes me think of Chick and Poppy.  I think they would be proud.

Let’s all take a moment  tomorrow to give thanks for all those who have served our country. 

And, I hope you’ll join me in honoring a veteran or service member who is special to you by making a contribution in their honor to the Veterans Legal Aid Fund.

With such gratitude for your support,

Donate Now - Thank You

Julia R. Wilson, Executive Director 


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