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Hey AmeriCorps – happy birthday!

10 years ago we joined a very special family

We didn’t know it, but 10 years ago, we started what would become a decade-long collaboration with Equal Justice Works.  In the fall of 2004, we welcomed our very first Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Fellow as part of the newly-created Pro Bono Legal Corps – engaging law students in giving back to their communities.

Now, just 10 years later, we have housed 36 Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Fellows!  Fellows working at OneJustice during this time founded the Justice Bus Project, worked to expand the Justice Bus into Southern California, and have forged innovative delivery systems like virtual pro bono clinics and more.  In recent years, we have also had the great honor of placing Fellows at other legal services organizations, where they have provided life-changing legal help to persons with disabilities, consumers facing scams and debt, and most recently to veterans facing pressing legal problems.  You can check out the timeline of 10 years of amazing Fellows below.

And now, we are thrilled to be part of the national celebration at AmeriCorps turns 20 years old!

So, on this special occasion, a most heartfelt “thank you!” to the 36 talented attorneys who launched their careers as Fellows and to the 10 legal services organizations who have housed and supported so many Fellows.  We are so grateful for 10 years of partnership with Equal Justice Works and their outstanding staff, and we are deeply honored to be part of the national AmeriCorps family as this vitally important national program turns 20.

Happy Birthday AmeriCorps!  And let’s raise a glass to many, many more years of getting things done!


AmeriCorps Infographic


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