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You are my hero.

Really, there just aren’t any other words for what you did.

You are a justice hero.IMG_8122

Ok, so I understand that might seem a little over the top.  Or even silly.  But here’s the thing – I think what you did was exceptional.

We know that there are millions of poor Californians living in rural areas who are facing pressing legal problems – all alone.  Why?  Because there are no attorneys in their communities to help. So they suffer – needlessly – from solvable legal problems.

And you all are changing that.  In my book, that makes you all heroes – justice heroes!

You see, last Thursday night, the OneJustice network raised over $335,000 for rural justice projects.

That just takes my breath away!

Generous law firms, corporations, law schools, and others donated over $195,000 in sponsorships for the event – bringing life-changing legal help to rural veterans, seniors and families.

And a group of over 125 amazing individuals ensured that the OneJustice network raised $60,000 for the Rural Justice Challenge. And because you achieved that goal, the law firm Cooley LLP provided a $65,000 matching donation.  Folks who participated in our live and silent auctions contributed over $20,000.  Working together, these justice heroes raised over $140,000 for those in need.

And my personal promise to all of you is that these donations will support 75 mobile legal clinics reaching at least 1,000 rural Californians. Your support will bring teams of volunteers to serve these communities and will supply hours of free legal help for those facing legal barriers to basic necessities.

So you see, I’m pretty sure that makes everyone involved a hero!  I believe that the individuals involved in the OneJustice network are pretty special, and my heart is full to overflowing with gratitude.  I wish I could thank each and every one of you in-person.

Thank you all so much for your generosity.  Your dedication to rural justice, pro bono, and legal services for those in need was palpable throughout the evening.  You can see it in all the photos from the event below!

I look forward very much to keeping you all posted – on this blog and elsewhere – on our progress as we implement the rural justice clinics made possible by the OneJustice network’s commitment, passion, and support.  Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

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