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Bring life-changing legal help to Californians in need.

We’ve got just two words for you . . .

Rural. Justice.

(Ooops, we lied – one more word: Challenge)photo 2 (13)

Q: What is a Rural Justice Challenge?

A: A time-limited opportunity to double your donation and bring more legal services to over 1,000 rural Californians.

Rural Californians face terrible legal barriers to basic necessities – all alone. Why? Because there are simply not enough attorneys in their communities to help them. So they suffer – needlessly – from solvable legal problems.

You can bring them the legal help they need! Your support brings attorney volunteers right to these communities.

photo 4 (5)The law firm Cooley LLP has made an amazing gift commitment to bring more mobile legal clinics to rural communities.  They have challenged the OneJustice network to raise $60,000 at our Opening Doors to Justice event tomorrow night – and they will match every single donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $60,000.

If you donate today – right now – Cooley will double your donation.  Can’t attend tomorrow night’s event?  We’ll miss you – and you can still be part of this challenge! Cooley will count all donations through our secure online site at

Right now, millions of rural Californians are suffering – needlessly – from simple and solvable legal problems. They face legal barriers to basic necessities – like a home, medical care, freedom from violence, and even food and clean water. All because there are simply no lawyers in their community to help them. And yet the solution is so easy – often it just takes one hour of legal advice to right these wrongs and solve their problems.

You can change this!

photo 3 (3)You can bring life-changing legal help to those who are suffering. Your kind gift brings teams of volunteer attorneys to help these rural communities. Each donation means hours of free legal help for those facing pressing legal problems.

Because of you, a veteran will access medical care.

A child with disabilities will get the speech therapy she needs but is currently denied.

You can keep a family safe from their abuser and help a senior stay in her home.

Working together, we can make sure that every single rural veteran, senior, family and child has the legal help they need to end needless suffering from solvable legal problems.

Your generous contribution means so much! Thank you!

Donate Now - Thank You

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