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A little trivial pursuit . . . January justice contest

Seriously – it’s National Trivia Day

Most of the time we think our work is anything but trivial.

Trivia ChallengeBut in honor of National Trivia Day, our January justice contest is exactly that!

True confessions – the first justice contest of the year always feels like a lot of pressure.  Like we’re setting the tone for an entire year, so it had better be great!

And then we found out that today is National Trivia Day.  Yep, even though that sounds like its very own April Fool’s joke – this is completely serious.

(Well, it’s not soooooooo serious.  And it’s actually also National Spaghetti Day – but even the hyper-creative OneJustice staff team couldn’t find a way to turn noodles into a justice contest!)

And then we realized that we have to celebrate this amazing holiday – OneJustice style.  How could we pass up this opportunity to share a tidbit of OneJustice trivia with you?

So here is the January justice contest.  Like December’s contest, it’s another guessing game – this time about the upcoming February 1st Public Interest/Public Sector Career Fair, affectionately known by law students and nonprofit legal organizations alike as “PI/PS Day.”  (And if you want to know more about PI/PS Day, read last month’s great blog post by Program Manager Kim Irish, check out the OneJustice website here, or watch the video at the end of this post.)

So, here is the number to guess to win our January 2014 Justice Contest (drum roll please……)

How many INTERVIEWS took place during PI/PS Day 2013?

You can win this nifty water bottle!  Post today!

You can win this nifty water bottle! Post today!

Some background factoids to help you calibrate your guesses:

  • PI/PS Day brings together law students from nine Northern California law schools with public interest employers from all over the state, for the largest public interest law career fair on the west coast.
  • Most of the day consists of employers interviewing law students for summer internships or post-graduate public interest positions.
  • In 2012, over 100 public interest employers participated in PI/PS Day.
  • In 2013, 635 law students attended PI/PS Day.

And you know the routine by now: post your guesses in comments to this blog post, or on our facebook or LinkedIn pages, or tweet it to @OneJusticeOrg using hashtag #OneJusticecontest.  All guesses must be posted before Monday January 13th, you may post more than one guess, and the guess closest to the correct number wins this nifty OneJustice water bottle.

And, to sweeten the pot in honor of National Trivia Day, if someone guesses the exact correct number of interviews granted in 2013, they will win a $25 Amazon gift card.  Yippee!

Let the guessing begin!  (And this post didn’t satisfy your appetite for trivia, check out this additional site with 45 amazing facts in honor of National Trivia Day). Enjoy!

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