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We have a winner – the best of 2013

Movies and songs and book titles – oh my!

The top 5 justice contest results in 2013.

Almost every month we run some kind of justice-related contest.  Tell us your favorite book (or movie, or song, or image, etc. etc) that deals with justice or injustice.  Or guess how many poor people there are per attorney in Merced County.  And every time you all – the most awesome members of the OneJustice network – rise to the challenge.  Together, you create the best must-watch, must-read, must-sing lists ever.

Thank you all for participating in these contests.  Congrats to all the winners!  And here, for your general enjoyment as 2013 draws to close, is our selection of the top five contests from the year.  Enjoy!

  • January 2013:   Justice movies   (The winner?  My Cousin Vinnie!)
  • September 2013Your icons of justice – the individuals you feel most represent the concept of justice.  Winner was Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • October 2013Images that sear the mind – won by the photo below of civil rights leader and member of the Little Rock Nine, Minnijean Brown Trickey.
  • November 2013Best book club ever – and the winning title: The Buffalo Creek Disaster by Gerald M. Stern


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