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Q: what do a trail runner and rugby player have in common?

A: The OneJustice Team

Happy Holidays from the newest members of our staff!

Hello OneJustice network and Happy Holidays from all of us on the OneJustice staff team!  We’re super excited to introduce you to the two newest members of our team!  Kimberly Irish was hired to create a brand-new position at OneJustice: the Healthy Nonprofits Program Manager.   And Ashley Lynette will be stepping into the role of Operations & Program Assistant.  We wanted to make them pose for photos wearing Santa hats……. but we’ll save that for the mandatory all-staff Halloween costume contest in 2014!

In the meantime, we thought you’d want to get to know them just a little better . . . so we posed some Q&A.  Enjoy!


So, Kimberly . . . tell us, what drew you to the work of OneJustice?

Kim Irish PhotoI first became familiar with OneJustice’s work as a University of San Francisco law student when I participated in Public Interest/Public Sector Career Day. Since then, I’ve been impressed with the innovative programs OneJustice has created, such as the Justice Bus Project and the Healthy Nonprofits Program. Working as the Healthy Nonprofits Program Manager will allow me to develop programming that will support and strengthen the incredible network of legal services organizations in California.

  • What will you be responsible for at OneJustice – and what do you hope to achieve?
I’ll be responsible for ensuring the success of signature projects like Public Interest/Public Sector Day and will work with the entire team on projects like the Executive Fellowship program. I will also expand the coaching, consulting, training and resources of the Healthy Nonprofits Program, including developing new webinars and trainings that will provide information on the business side of running a nonprofit to better support legal services organizations in delivering legal assistance to underserved Californians.
  • What did you do before coming to OneJustice that led up to you coming on board to create this new position?
My recent work as the Volunteer Manager at San Francisco’s Eviction Defense Collaborative demonstrated to me the importance of having great back-end support for nonprofit legal organizations that serve low-income clients. I am honored to currently serve as the board president of Human Rights Advocates, an organization that promotes and protects international human rights in the United States and abroad. My nearly 5 years of board experience with Human Rights Advocates will undoubtedly inform my work with the Healthy Nonprofits Program at OneJustice, too.
  • And what else should we know about you?
In 2013, I started trail running regularly and have explored many beautiful trails in Marin County and the East Bay. I also spend most Saturdays volunteering as a mentor with First Exposures, a fantastic program in San Francisco that empowers youth through photography.

And now Ashley, let’s get to know you! What interested you in the idea of working OneJustice?

Ashley Lynette photoI’ve volunteered with a few legal aid service groups in the past, but it was the comprehensive manner in which the group confronts injustice that drew me to OneJustice: from direct service to providing organizational assistance via Healthy Nonprofits, I truly appreciate how OneJustice assists folks in need from every angle.
  • What are your responsibilities at OneJustice?
As the Operations and Program Assistant, I will be primarily responsible for maintaining office equilibrium. This will include soothing our finicky machines and ensuring that we never run out of coffee or good cheer. I’m also excited to provide support for the myriad programs OneJustice has to offer, with a focus on advancing projects for the Healthy Nonprofits Program, which supports leaders at nonprofit legal organizations with trainings and best practices in nonprofit management.
  • What did you do before coming to OneJustice that led up to this job?
During my undergraduate studies at Brandeis University, I interned with several domestic violence service and advocacy groups, including New Hope, Inc and Family Violence Law Center.  After graduation I worked for a group called that provided a free web platform for individuals running for political office. This fall I also served as a Program Support Intern with Spark and volunteered at the Women’s Building with their Job Search program. I am thrilled to have this opportunity now to work with OneJustice!
  • And tell us something else about yourself!

I played rugby in college and was once crowned “Prom Queen” at a prom-themed 7s tournament.

Welcome Ashley and Kimberly!  And Happy Holidays from all of us at OneJustice!

3 responses to “Q: what do a trail runner and rugby player have in common?

  1. Diego Cartagena December 12, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Welcome aboard, Kimberly and Ashley. Kimberly, it’s wonderful to hear that you learned about the agency in law school, and that you kept the organization in mind. Ashley, having lost a few and won a few battles with ornery copy and fax machines (yes, I remember the days when docs were faxed instead of emailed), I say “good luck” and “THANK YOU!!!” I look forward to meeting you both!

    • Julia R Wilson December 12, 2013 at 9:38 am

      Thank you, Diego! Kim and Ashley look forward to meeting you, too! Yay for the OneJustice board and staff team = best EVER!

  2. Anna Stephens December 12, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Hi Kim. (I mean Kimmie) You look so happy at your new work desk. Wish you were still at your old work desk, though. No, just being selfish. We are so proud of you and your new position. Congrats again.

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