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Images that sear the mind

Thought-provoking images of justice and injustice

Results of the October justice contest

Win this awesome OneJustice water bottle!Congratulations to Emma W., the 16-year-old winner of our October “Images of Justice” contest.  Emma posted a photo of Minnijean Brown Trickey, one of the “Little Rock Nine” who integrated all-White Little Rock Central High in 1957.  And when we learned the back story to Emma’s connection to this photo, we just had to select it as the winner.

You see, Emma actually traveled with Minnijean on a 10-day bus journey through the south, learning about the history of the civil rights movement.  This trip was made possible by the amazing and award-winning nonprofit Sojourn to the Past,which takes thousands of high school students on an interactive history course that travels to civil rights sites, meeting with key leaders and participants in the southern United States.

And so Emma shared the photo of Minnijean not only because of Minnijean’s work as a civil rights activist, but also because Emma learned so much from Minnijean directly in the course of their Sojourn to the Past bus trip together.  (And yes, we loved that there is another bus out there focused on social justice – there are sister justice bus trips!).  Congratulations Emma – enjoy your Justice Bus water bottle.

Below is a collage of all the images that were submitted – a visual representation of both suffering and victory, despair and hope.  Thank you all for submitting.

And keep your eyes open for the November contest.  We’re going to switch up the contests for the next 4 months . . . so you can expect some changes – but still the same great Justice Bus water bottle as the prize!

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