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When you can’t work or make ends meet

Can you imagine the fear of not being able to work?  Or cover your most basic expenses?

Sadly, for too many Californians, their economic realities are a tangled mess of legal problems.

What if you cannot obtain the license you need to work?  Or what if your working conditions are horrific?  What if you can’t work – and can’t cover your most basic needs, including medical treatment.  Too many Californians face legal problems that prevent them from gaining self-sufficiency – because they can’t work, they work but don’t get paid, or they face crushing consumer debt.

Many pro bono attorneys volunteer in order to help poor Californians find economic opportunity, safe working conditions, and financial stability.  Watch the videos below to find out more.  With just two more days left of Pro Bono Week, the pro bono celebration is in full swing!

Pro bono can remove barriers to employment

LinkedIn’s pro bono efforts focus on economic opportunity

What if you were working – but in horrible conditions and without pay?

Pro bono assistance helped mitigate and manage consumer debt issues in face of illness

And we want YOUR pro bono stories, too!  What pro bono have you done?  Please share!  And thank you to everyone who gives so generously of their time and energy to bring life-changing legal help to those in need!

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