OneJustice Blog

Bring life-changing legal help to Californians in need.

Keep a roof over their heads

Securing housing.  Preventing homelessness.

The power of pro bono – safe and stable housing.

It’s one of those basic life necessities – a roof over our heads.  To know where we will sleep tonight.  Someplace where we feel safe and secure.

But what if you are about to lose your housing – because you played by the rules?  Or because a foreclosure predator tricked you and 200 others?  Or because you fell into hard times – and couldn’t even get into the worst possible public housing complex?

What if your ability to gain or remain in housing was all tied up in legal problems?  Well, then it takes a pro bono attorney to step in and help.

Enjoy today’s daily dose of the Power of Pro Bono – all in celebration of national Pro Bono Week and California’s Campaign for Justice month.  Because lawyers can be heroes.  Just watch these videos, and you’ll see what we mean!

When pro bono makes the biggest difference you can imagine

When you risk losing your housing because you followed the rules

When a community needs to stop a foreclosure predator

When there is an overwhelming need for assistance

When you can move from being homeless

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