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The Power of Pro Bono – to save lives and serve seniors

Join the national pro bono party!

Yep, it’s Pro Bono Week and Campaign for Justice month.

Alright OneJustice network – are you ready?  We’ve got a lot to celebrate this week!

In honor of national Celebrate Pro Bono Week and California Campaign for Justice month, we’ve prepared a daily dose of pro bono bites for your enjoyment.  Tune in every day this week for a series of 4-5 videos starring folks who are on the ground delivering pro bono services.  Hear their stories about why they do pro bono, some of the clients they have helped, and lessons they have learned.

And of course we want to hear YOUR pro bono stories, too!  Don’t be shy – be a part of the national pro bono conversation.  Share your pro bono tales in the comments here or on any of our social media sites.

To launch our “Power of Pro Bono Bites”, below a set of powerful stories about how pro bono brings life-changing legal assistance to older Californians – bringing peace of mind, preserving Adult Day Health Care, helping in the midst of a medical crisis, and saving lives.  Dig in and enjoy!

One response to “The Power of Pro Bono – to save lives and serve seniors

  1. Diego Cartagena October 22, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    David Lash’s story is incredibly powerful. Thank you for sharing!

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