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Share those images of justice . . . or injustice

Nope, not your selfies please . . . 

Win this awesome OneJustice water bottle!But please do share photos and images for October’s contest

It’s time for the October “social justice on social media” contest, and you could win this nifty OneJustice water bottle!  Just post the most striking image you can think of showing JUSTICE or INJUSTICE to any of our social media sites.  Post by October 11th to have your image  reviewed by the team of OneJustice judges.

Don’t know where to post?  Great question – here is the list of options:

  • Post the URL to the image in a comment to this blog post (below)
  • Post the URL or the image to our facebook wall
  • Post the URL or the image to our LinkedIn page
  • Tweet the URL or image to twitter, using #OneJusticecontest @OneJusticeOrg
  • Post the photo or image on Instagram, using #OneJusticecontest @OneJusticeOrg
  • Pin the image on Pinterest using #OneJustice or pin to our special group Pinterest board

We’ll start your wheels turning by posting the first photo here. For us, this image is an iconic representation of INJUSTICE.

October Injustice Photo: water hoses in Birmingham

Birmingham 1963

Birmingham in 1963 had become a focal point in the civil rights movement as nonviolent demonstrators led by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. repeatedly faced jail, dogs, and high-velocity hoses in their tireless quest to topple segregation. This picture of people being pummeled by a liquid battering ram rallied support for the civil rights movement.

See the image online here.

Thank you for posting!

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  1. Charlie July 26, 2014 at 1:33 am

    Thank you for the smashing post you created. You truly packed your post with quality content.

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