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Your icons of justice

What individual most represents justice?

You had some amazing answers to this question!

Thank you all for posting your ideas of the one person who most embodies the concept and/or work of justice.  The suggestions were wide ranging and truly inspiring!  We’ve posted nine of the submissions below – can you identify them just from their photos?  (Answers at the bottom of the blog).

And the winner of the awesome Justice Bus water bottle is . . . (drum roll please . . .)  Tim Smith for his suggestion of Martin Luther King, Jr.  With the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement underway, we couldn’t agree more!  Tim is a change agent and justice seeker in his own right as the Director of Programs and Engagement at the Full Circle Fund.  (Haven’t heard of the Full Circle Fund? Click here to check out their thoughtful and strategic approach to driving lasting social change.)

The October justice contest will be announced here and in our “Justice Matters” newsletter next week – keep up the posting, we love it!

From left to right:

Row 1: Martin Luther King Jr., Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt

Row 2: James Gilliam, Fred Korematsu, Ella Baker

Row 3: Dorothy Day, Alice Walker, Dolores Huerta

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